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Token SALL Biggest Change on Crypto Market. Do not miss presale on is our website, where you can reach System Of All SALL Token in presale. August 2022 and SALL Token are already here. Token SALL is created after System Of All big technological achievement connected to human technological abuses now know as Havana Syndrome and mind reading technology.

After attack on more as fourteen USA embassies cross the planet, and several ten thousand civilians we succeeded to prove technological crime. Token SALL is presenting technology which people are still afraid to talk about. 

Due the Havana Syndrome attacks and the biggest market collapse, we created SALL Token. It is custom designed to prevent those kind of collapses. Token SALL is payment and investment tool, which provides possibilities of payments, exchange between all other currencies, trade, and commodities, etc. Token is presenting the technology behind all known. After market collapse we decided to build Token SALL, which will prevent collapses in several different ways. Anti boot system is preventing targeted trading, anti whale system is preventing sudden sales of bigger token supplies, maximum supply is preventing ownership of bigger token supply, and really special designed multisig wallet factory is giving a chance to create up to thirty keys, which can be used for shared ownerships, or as additional protection for you wealth. Token Is already here. We will present it in August 2022.

Everything you need to know about SALL token:

SALL is a decentralized worldwide payment gateway that provides very low transaction costs to its users. Powered by the BEP20 standard, the SALL token is the most secure and forward-thinking token currently available. The anti-whale feature of the token protects investors from massive sell-offs, while the anti-bot feature, staking functionality, and bonding functionality all contribute to the project's long-term viability. The SALL token has an increased level of protection thanks to the multisig wallet as well as the upgradability of the smart contract. In this article, we shall have a detailed discussion on the SALL token.

What is the SALL token:

SALL is a BEP20 utility token designed to act as a payment gateway for users all over the world. Compared to the industry, it has a relatively low transaction charge. The SALL tokenomics have been tweaked in such a manner that the project's long-term viability and scalability across various segments of the crypto market are both ensured.

The following is a breakdown of how tax dollars are allocated:

0.6% for purchase transactions:

  • The Auto Liquidity cost is 0.3 percent, which is used to replenish the liquidity pool.
  • The marketing cost for the promotion of tokens is 0.3 percent.

0.8% for selling transactions:

  • The automatic liquidity charge of 0.5 percent is used to feed the liquidity pool.
  • The token and R&D marketing cost is 0.3 percent.

Why SALL token is special?

SALL token consists of a list of exciting features. let's discuss some of them

Protection Against Automated Takeover:

In order to prevent the liquidity pool's money from being drained, anti-bot protection has been included. These bots are known as front-running or sniper bots in the crypto-trading world. To get their hands on fresh coins, these bots use decentralized exchanges like Pancake Swap to swoop in and steal their liquidity. Bots that monitor the blockchain for new dex tokens are constantly scanning each block of transactions to identify new tokens that have just been issued.

Mechanism to Prevent Whaling:

Our token has an anti-whale feature built-in to prevent it from being manipulated by whales. There is a system in place that prevents huge investors from becoming "whales" and therefore attempting to manipulate the token market by holding more than a certain amount of tokens in their wallets. Anti-dump functionality has also been included in order to avoid the token from experiencing large sell-offs. We're doing all we can to make investing in our cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, no matter their size.

A self-liquidating pool of funds:

The SALL token's auto liquidity pool fee is one of its most fascinating features. On Pancake Swap, market liquidity is critical for the purchase and sale of SALL tokens. A smaller liquidity pool implies a much higher slippage tolerance for trading the token, which impacts both professional traders and everyday consumers. Auto-liquidity pool tax is a novel solution to this issue that will keep on raising the token's liquidity pool size with each transaction. Having this functionality assures the token's long-term stability.

Wallets with several signatures:

The SALL token enables its users to build a multi-signature wallet for the safe storage of their crypto assets. A list of public keys for the multi-sig wallet and the combination is all that is required for users to engage with our multi-sig wallet factory and get access to the platform. Two or more signatures are needed to authorize a transaction in a 2-of-3 multi-sig wallet, for example.

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