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Hedge Fund

As well this year, in November 2022. After biggest collapse of market, we decided to build hedge fund with gold standard and our own token. Token is not obliged to Hedge Fund Plan.

After collapse of crypto market we decided to create first token, which has multiple protections in front of the collapse. SOA or System Of All Token It is a first token with custom designed multisig wallet, which allows you up to thirty keys, to protect your investments secure, and gives you possibility, to share your investments between multiple key holders. It has integrated anti-boot system, protecting your investments in front of targeted booting, and it has a limits of maximum supply, preventing sudden collapses. As we are precise, we are choosing the best product for investments, to protect and maximize your fortune. In combination of stock market or crypto currency market, you can choose as well between conservative and more dynamic investments, including investments to digital art, art, real estates, vine, whiskey and commodities. At System of All Hedge Fund, we strive to make the lives of those that want to sell or invest their fortune or digital products easier. You simply create a profile with us and we will automatically create your profile with colourful list of choices. You choose between them, and our specialist will calculate predicted interest rates, on lowest fee and cost.

Pre information available from September 2022.

£40.00 per month

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