Igor Zijan

Founder and CEO

System of All LLC is the first company on the planet to break the theories of several hundred thousands of scientists, doctors, and police, and successfully scientifically proved that Havana Syndrome is a form of technological cyber attack and not mental disease syndrome.  

Igor Zijan oversees key biotechnology and human behavior programs while also serving as Founder, CEO and Consultation Specialist. As a Founder and CEO, I maintain responsibility in funding, project development, research, medical standards and standard policy, within medical device industry, biotechnology, microfield and human machine interface technology, including human behaviour technology, medical devices functionality, policy development and medical writing. Per experience, I can demonstrate in theory and in practice, how the programs are aligned with international standards, jurisdiction, health care, considering supply chain, operations, quality assurance, and other processes. You can receive more information directly per Linkedin contact or email: [email protected]  

I serve as well as a consultant and research specialist for projects involving medical devices and regulatory, in which I deliver support in areas such as quality assurance, supply chain operations, logistics and medical devices standards EU MDR 2017/745, IVDR 2017/746, ISO13485 and FDA 21 CFR part 820, FDA 21 CFR Part 821.  

I am leading projects and facilitating coordinator between meetings and research processes. Leveraging robust communication skills to engage with clients across multiple industries and nations. Delivering exemplary consultative services in regulatory and medical development. Exhibiting a comprehensive knowledge of biotechnology by providing thorough industry information.

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