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Due to development, research and consultancy, we experienced many different situations, people, and groups. We never talk about people we sign contracts with, so no luck there for curious ones. With us, your data is super safe. But with some others, you won't have such luck.

The biggest concerns of new modern life, especially after 2014, are currently Ai integration, fallowing ISO and FDA standards, and preventing human technological abuses — Havana Syndrome and new adoptions related to this question.

People commiting today's crimes, involving raping, child pornography, mental extorter and fearing, attempts to mentally diagnose people, sexual experimenting, are trying to climb next to us, while we are building new companies. We are not allowing this.

In June 2017, strong attack which was declared as attempted of a murder happened in Strasbourg, France, and since december 2016 more as one thousand families from different USA embassies were attacked worldwide, including white house. People were doubting in the truth of the attacks, which appeared to be real.

In October 2017, the attempted murder of a young entrepreneur happened again in Switzerland, Zurich, while someone in intelligence was promoting big power of smallest nations in the world, with one of the most psychopathic rates in government, police, military, and social circles, including peadophilie. Government crimes are every day work of special organizations as System Of All, which is supporting them with necessary research and analytics.  

In our research, specially in the last 5 - 10 years, we learned it is not so simple, to live only from stereotypes. We are taking care, AI is properly regulated, controlled and escalated fast enough?

So what is special access? Don't we all have one? You work for biotech, pharmaceuticals, bank,... we all have departments of special access, to prevent other employees and public to access it. So why is someone saying special access is not reachable by the law? And how close are we from a regulatory law?

What about good stories, bionic arms with sense of touch from Baltimore University, and amazing now commercial wireless brain technology? So can we read brain wirelessly? If you like it or not, we can. Reading brain through wireless environment is not totally possible and this is not government conspiracy story. Convince yourself, and check only one of the most advanced products, which have wireless brain computer, with possibility, to read your brain, and to bring message back to your brain, even is product is standing in the middle or the room. Bionic arm with sense of touch is developed by Baltimore University in USA. Check it on youtube. You are going to be amazed.

So, good sides and bad sides. But can psychiatry accept new science?

People still think they can not prosecute president, military, police, doctors or psychiatrists? How often do we actually use jurisdiction system, or we just accept things and we complain?

Lets check what law says. We have good forecast, at least since 1946 and 2002. First is UN HUman Rights, second one is international criminal law. This one is clear, under the act 27. in paragraphs 1. and 2. there is no exemption from criminal responsibility, not even for the head of the state.

But check as well private international law. If you are a victim of any crime, abuse, false diagnose, Havana Syndrome attack. Check new Havana Syndore act, accepted in September 2021. USA Senate did awesome job, supporting act with 427 votes for the act.

Support from Senators Shaneen and Collins was crucial. They did amazing work and they were heard by the senate. They changed Human Technology relation, on our initiative and as response on the attacks happening since December 2016.,medical%20care%20for%20injured%20individuals.

What about your walk? What about your story? What milestone do you walk? What would you advice to freshees and oldies, and what can we learn from them?

Do you still remember when they were developing radion between first and second world war, and people needed to be quiet about this today so common technology? It seems similar to brainwave technology, or?

The best milestones are not achieved by coincidence. We are encouraging you to write with us a new story for the millenium. What is it that you're bragging about? What is your view? What is your wish? What about Havana syndrome? Did you had any experience with it, did you hear about it? What is your recommendation to people out there? Maybe you are a good lawyer, attorney,... you can offer a good deal.

Many more questions and themes we will open on the subjects of the achievements and abuses in white collar and police circles. Why is now new software being in process of implementations in hospitals in several countries, which will control the difference in statements between doctors and already existing medical files, or are their statements truth. Are doctors downsizing instead of improving and why?

We will open a subject about Corona virus and vaccinations.

Are you vaccinated, why yes, why not? Were you infected and what was your experience due to the pandemic?

We will share a lot of a new technology, but really new technology. So new, that space agencies will look small. We will share as well brain wave technology, to help you understand, how it works. You will understand why it can pose a good benefit and how it can be abused.

We already created one Facebook group called Globergy, with nice logo, consultancy media, sharing with you new updates.

- Not Globergy group for entrepreneurs, which was made after ours, and you can find it as well on meta, (facebook), to climb next to us, for a free commercial.

And the best one, NFT`s limited special edition. 1620 most wanted pictures in the world. Picture which caused WW III they said. Real Sherlock. I decided to create it, to bring prosecutions of Havana Syndrome in-front. Now the entire world is part of it. And to help to get AI regulated properly, placing bad people to the prison, I created a challenge this NFT challenge. 

There was a man, which was attacking people through Havana Syndrome, calling them poor. Now 1620 NFT`s are the evidence of the attack, working against him. All combined, they crate a real 3D picture, which is the real evidence.

Can he buy all of them and escape, or he will finish in jail?

We will have a lot of fun, but serious one.

Sounds fun, and it is. See you soon.

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